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Studies Show that bee populations and species are declining in the UK, but there are steps that you can take help arrest them

In an effort to halt the decline in the United Kingdom's 205 bee species, conservation watchdog Natural England is encouraging urban nature lover to take up beekeeping by installing bee hives and growing insect-friendly plants.Contrary to popular belief, beekeeping does not require acres of land; you can even keep bees in gardens, on roofs or balconies.

While this hobby may seem a tad bizarre for urban folk, it can be extremely fascinating and rewarding; not only do bees play an indispensable role as pollinating agents, making them essential to the survival of plant and crops, but if you choose to keep honeybees, you'll be able to enjoy thick golden honey from your very own hive. for proper guidance on beekeeping, refer to your local beekeeping association or authority

Living it up in bee condo
Incorporating all the elements of a natural beehive with thoughtful additions like all-round triple socket insulation to maintain a constant temperature, extra space for the colony to grow and an inspection tray to monitor the health of bees through fallen debris and mites.

With proper care and access to an ample source of nectar, you'll be able to collect over 20Kg of honey a year from a single hive. travel3sixty

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Post Title : The Buzz about Bees - Beekeeping Tips

The Buzz about Bees - Beekeeping Tips,

The Buzz about Bees - Beekeeping Tips